Tuesday, January 24, 2012

General information on the list of technical committees

Basic information is provided for each technical committee (TC), listed in numerical order, with subcommittees (SC) and working groups (WG). The list begins with JTC 1, the Joint ISO/IEC Technical Committee established in 1987. The ISO technical committees are assigned numbers in order of their establishment.

When a technical committee is disbanded its number is not allocated to another technical committee. A list of disbanded technical committees can be found here.
Certain technical committees have no further work item under study or foreseen; they regularly review the ISO International Standards for which they are responsible. Their titles are followed by "STAND-BY" in the list of technical committees.
Thursday, December 15, 2011

ISO Standard

A normative document, developed according to consensus procedures, which has been approved by the ISO membership and P-members of the responsible committee in accordance with Part 1 of the ISO/IEC Directives as a draft International Standard and/or as a final draft International Standard and which has been published by the ISO Central Secretariat.

The way it is done

A text corresponding to an approved work item is developed as necessary through the preparatory and/or committee stages until consensus is reached in the committee. (In case of doubt, approval by 2/3 of the P-members voting may be considered to constitute consensus.) The text is submitted to all ISO member bodies for a five-month vote as a draft International Standard (DIS) and is approved if two-thirds of the P-members vote affirmatively and not more than a quarter of all votes cast are negative. A final text is prepared taking into account member body comments on the DIS and this text is issued for formal vote as a final draft International Standard (FDIS). If the text is again approved by two-thirds of the P-members voting and if not more than a quarter of all votes cast are negative, then the text is approved and the Central Secretariat publishes the International Standard.

Source: ISO - International Organization for Standardization